Gebe’s temporary relief ends in March

POSTED: 03/2/15 11:51 PM

St. Maarten —The temporary relief granted by Gebe in September to “offset the high fuel charges” will end in March, NV Gebe stated yesterday.

“The General Relief program was designed to provide relief and support to all domestic and commercial clients for a six (6) month period.  The rates for domestic clients were reduced by 5 Guilder cents per kilowatt-hour (kwh), and those for commercial clients were reduced by 1 Guilder cent per kwh.  The last bills that will show the temporary relief will be the bills of February and March 2015 with the due date for payment April 2015,” a Gebe representative explained.

According to NV Gebe’s CFO Gartner, despite the ending of the general relief all consumers will still continue to enjoy lower bills as the world market fuel prices are considerably lower than in previous years. Gartner further explained that the fuel clause has dropped from 37.65 Guilder cents one year ago to the present 21.45 Guilder cents, the lowest level since 2009. The recent and significant decline in the world oil prices has resulted in the fuel clause adjustment declining by 43% over the past year.

Gartner communicates that the General Relief initiated in September of 2014 will cost 3.2 million Guilders which is the total savings Gebe temporarily granted to its domestic and commercial customers to offset the then still very high fuel costs.  “NV Gebe will continue to monitor the world oil price market and inform the public of its developments on a quarterly basis,” Gartner said.  He encourages the community of St. Maarten to make use of the various energy saving products and methods available.  For more tips persons may visit the company’s  Facebook page  or

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