‘Privileged’ prisoners go to court over jail move

POSTED: 02/24/15 1:41 AM

THE HAGUE— A man who is serving 13 years in jail for murdering a jeweler is going to court because he faces losing his prison privileges. Sandro G and a number of other prisoners at a special unit in Veenhuizen jail are to be moved to make way for an influx of prisoners from Norway. This means the men, all of whom have sentences of at least 10 years, will lose the right to cook for themselves, grow their own vegetables and keep chickens, RTL news said on Thursday. They also have a television and are allowed to choose the colour of one wall in their cell themselves in the Veenhuizen prison. The arrival of the Norwegian prisoners means G and the others will be moved to a ‘normal’ regime. Their case will be heard by judges in The Hague on Friday, local broadcaster Omroep West said. The widow of the jeweler killed by G says the case is ‘ridiculous’. ‘They’re living a more luxurious lifestyle than some people on benefits in the Netherlands,’ she said. Some 240 convicts will be brought from Norway to the Netherlands to serve out their sentences in a Dutch jail this summer under an agreement signed by junior Justice Minister Fred Teeven.

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‘Privileged’ prisoners go to court over jail move by

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