Politician’s alleged killer stays silent: lawyer

POSTED: 02/24/15 2:03 AM

The Hague – Bart van U., who is a suspect in the murder of former Minister Els Borst, invoked his right to remain silent and did not say anything during his police interrogation. This is according to his lawyer Noëlle Pieterse, AD reports.

Van U. was arrested for the murder of his sister, Lois van U (43). Late last month the Public Prosecutor announced that his DNA matched a sample found in the case of Borst’s murder. D66 parliamentarian and former Deputy Prime Minister Borst was found murdered in the garage of her home in Bilthoven last year.

It has been established that Van U. is disturbed and suffers from delusions of imminent terrorist attacks. In the investigation into Borst’s murder, the police previously also indicated that they were looking for a disturbed man who had visited Borst a week before she died.

The Public Prosecutor also launched an investigation into what happened around Bart van U. in the past years. Despite concerns about his mental state and several contacts with the police, Van U. somehow managed to avoid psychiatric treatment. The police also never took a DNA sample from Van U. in a previous conviction in 2012.

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Politician’s alleged killer stays silent: lawyer by

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