Opinion: Mark Mingo Must First Provide Answers!

POSTED: 02/24/15 2:07 AM

The Today newspaper of January 20, 2014 reported that Mark Mingo will be departing from the Harbour Group of Companies, where he held the position of CEO.  The article further mentioned that he did not say what his next job will be.

·         Mr. Mark Mingo however leaves behind a whole heap of unanswered questions described in the PWC report. A number of potential integrity breaches were identified relating to a St. Maarten owned Company at one of our ports of entry. (These major ports of entry are managed by Ms. Labega (P.J.I.A.) by Mr. Mingo (SMPA) or could they also mean the Simpson Bay Lagoon (SLAC)?

·         The report further states that there is a potential monopoly, conflict of interest and abuse of power by a former St. Maarten owned Company Minister as Shareholder Representative and a former Commissioner appears to be involved in a conflict of interest. This individual was reported to have used his/her position in Government to force third parties to relinquish businesses and property in order to establish family businesses as beneficiaries, ultimately creating a monopoly with control over an industry at one of St. Maarten’s major ports of entry, (PJIA, SMPA or SLAC) according to reports from interviewees and documents analyzed by the Inquiry team.

The Mongoose’s research has been narrowed to only a few Ministers / persons that fits this profile….He was a former commissioner… He was a minister…and was able to create a beneficiary position at one of St. Maarten’s major ports.

Mr. Mark Mingo miss-management consequently leaves a humongous suit in the amount of USD 100 million brought on by the company ZEBEC for breach of contract behind for St. Maarten to solve or pay by the next CEO.
The Mongoose now learned that Mark Mingo after repeated denials of being replaced at the Harbour Group of Companies to the Press which were as follows , when asked, if he had send a letter of resignation that should take effect at a later date or immediately, Mingo replied that he did not send any resignation letter but instead he did see the need to send a memo to all the employees informing them that he is still the CEO of the Harbour Group of Companies”, he further stated to the SMN News, “I was approached by the reporter who attended the private New Year’s Party to which I was also present, who said to me that he heard that I was leaving the Harbour and my response to him was, that I will not be at the harbour forever. At no point and time did I tell the reporter in question that I resigned effective immediately.
I believe that I was ambushed by the reporter who approached me and asked me the question. I was at a private party when this individual asked me the question. The reporter continues to ask, “Were you under the influence when the reporter posed the questions?”
Mingo proceeded to say that, quote I had a few drinks but I was not drunk or out of it”. He said he knew exactly what the question was and what his response was when he was asked the question of him resigning or not.

It is believed that Mr. Mingo’s next playground is at the electricity company GEBE in the capacity of CEO.  He was noted to be taking an introduction tour through the GEBE Company recently. Watch out for the implementation of mal practices/corrupted practices like who is to get the kickbacks from the purchase of the “smart water meters”.

The Mongoose learned that all cards are put in place for the enabling of “don’t follow money trail”. Amongst others we have company, CEO and supervisory Board members.

THE GAME BY Mark Mingo or blatant Lies to the People of St. Maarten…. be the judge…read the statements hereunder given by Mr. Mark Mingo. 
The board members called me and I explained to them exactly what happened, including the business partners of the Harbour. Mingo showed SMN News the strategic business plan for the SMHGC for 2014-2019. Mingo said that he just got his blue print of the harbor business plan and he is awaiting a meeting with the new Minister to discuss how they are going to execute plans that were compiled by him for the next five years. The strategic plan covers cruise and cargo, yachting/ferry and real estate.
When asked by SMN News reporter if he (Mark Mingo) intends to resign from his post to take up a position at GEBE or becoming the Minister of VROMI. Mingo said he also heard the same rumours and believes that is why the reporter ambushed him. Mingo said that he is not aware of any of the positions that people are saying he will take up. He said that he is one of the most senior directors of a government owned company. I am the CEO of the Harbour Holding Companies for 12 years, November 2014 will make it 13 years, contrary to what was reported on Wednesday. Mingo said that so far he did not apply for any other job”.

If the above is true then Mark was forcefully removed by the politicians or asked to step aside as, “the stake holders” have another job for him. He has become a pro and it is time for GEBE to be put under the guillotine after the passing of the stumbling block, Mr. Lambert.

This story is to be continued the MONGOOSE is anxiously awaiting their next step on the smart meters…They have their CEO and their Supervisory member in place….and the Ghost company.
The trap will snap the Mongoose is on the loose……

The Mongoose


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  1. Boo Booth says:

    Every company this gentleman has managed ended up in bankruptcy court. He’s bad luck for any business or anyone for that matter. Don’t even shake his hand, you’ll end up broke.

  2. My Mark says:

    We will all soon see that the Harbor is bankrupt. Robbed blind by Mingo and his friends. Nice legacy to leave behind.

  3. Marc says:

    It is amazing to see how this will unfold.
    One of the largests companys of SMX, one of the most important public company, in the hands of complete incompetance. Wich will be shown if the books and track record of the “company” will be made public !
    It would be a shame if this dysfunctional CEO will get the opportunity to ruin another vital company of our island, like GEBE.
    For god’sake lets stop this nonsence.

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