Gebe load shedding due to technical difficulties

POSTED: 02/24/15 1:42 AM

St. Maarten – Gebe is currently experiencing technical difficulties with one of its production units and another engine is being overhauled which the company gave yesterday as the reason for the load shedding in certain areas that have resulted in consumers being without electrical power or hours in some instances.

“NV Gebe’s maintenance crew is working diligently and steps are being taken to address the issues.  Load shedding is designed to occur quickly to protect the system from total shutdown.  The load shedding schedule is rotated from time to time to minimize customers being affected repeatedly. Certain areas are never included in the rotation, such as those serving the hospital and airport. President of the Managing Board of NV Gebe, Maduro apologizes for the inconvenience to NV Gebe’s customers. Every effort is being made to ensure that NV Gebe’s system is safe, secure and reliable for the benefit of customers and the island as a whole,” a press release from Gebe states.

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