DP wants answers from Gebe

POSTED: 02/23/15 12:59 AM

St. Maarten -A list of pertinent questions will be forwarded to Gebe by the Democratic Party faction in parliament following a recent meeting between the company representatives and the parliament.

Leader of the Democratic Party faction in parliament Sarah Wescott-Williams noted that there is a government endorsed energy plan for the Country St. Maarten and the DP faction would like answers as to how this ties in with Gebe’s recently signed MOU for renewable energy.  MP Wescott-Williams was dissatisfied with the answers or rather lack thereof provided by Gebe to questions related to this MOU and she stressed that the faction wants answers as to with whom this MOU was signed and for what purpose.

“How did you come to sign with this particular person or group? At least tell the people of St. Maarten ‘well we are working with Mr. or group X on a renewable energy plan.’ In addition to that there is an energy policy plan of 2014 that the government endorsed so where do these actions fit into that plan?”  Wescott-Williams questioned.

The DP leader noted that parliament has a responsibility to ask these and other questions and to receive answers to these questions. “Parliament is not just to sit here and wait until things happen and then to react. We have much more responsibility than that,” MP Wescott-Williams said. The MP also told members of the press during her Tuesday press conference that the Democratic Party faction is interested in helping to rebuild a positive image of parliament. The local parliament has drawn fire from members of the public in recent times who allege that MP’s do not show up for work although collecting huge salaries.

MP Wescott-Williams, while not agreeing with the total assessment, acknowledged that more has to be done by Members of Parliament to change the negative way in which parliament is being perceived by the populace.

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