Top-lawyer Spong represents Corallo in closed door hearing

POSTED: 02/5/15 8:27 PM

St. Maarten – Casino mogul Francesco Corallo has hired a big gun to fight a legal battle in Philipsburg. Yesterday afternoon there was a closed door hearing in the Common Court of Justice about items law enforcement agencies confiscated from Corallo’s home and from the Atlantis Casino in Cupecoy during a search in November of last year.

Corallo was represented in the hearing by Curacao-based attorney Eldon Sulvaran and by the Dutch top-lawyer Gerard Spong. In the past Spong has handled the cassation at the Supreme Court for former Police Commissioner Marcel Loor.

The searches in Corallo’s home and the casino were conducted by detectives of the Kingdom Collaboration Team RST at the request of the anti-mafia directorate of the Public Prosecutor’s Office in Rome.

The prosecutor’s office in Philipsburg has not provided any details about the search.

It is however public knowledge that Corallo reported voluntarily to Italian judicial authorities in August 2013 for questioning. He remained that year under house arrest until October 14.

The Milanese prosecutor Pellicano questioned Corallo at the time for an investigation into fraud at the Banco Popolare di Milano

Yesterday Corallo started a procedure to have the items that were confiscated in November returned to him. The hearing took place behind closed doors and it is custom for attorneys and the prosecution not to divulge any information from these proceedings.

It is unknown whether the confiscated items are still in the possession of the local prosecutor’s office or that they have been handed over to Italian prosecutors.

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