Intensive immigration controls to start at businesses

POSTED: 02/5/15 6:51 PM

St. Maarten – More intensive controls at businesses will begin soon by the Multidisciplinary Control Team which consist of members of the Inspection and Control departments of Government such as; the Immigration and Border Protection Services, the Labor and Health Inspectorate, the SZV department Control and Levies, the Inspectorate of Vromi, the Economic Control Department and the Fire Department.

“Given the multidisciplinary nature of the controls, various issues will be examined such as adhering to the labor regulations, illegal employees, work safety measures, fire safety measure, adherence to the building code and adherence to the social & health insurance regulations and business and operational license regulations. The Multidisciplinary Control Team will also gear their controls toward identifying cases of human trafficking. A team of 10-35 officers, depending on the size of the case, will be in charge of carrying out these inspections at the appropriate time,” the immigration and border control announced yesterday.

“Businesses & employers will be fined in case of violations. Fines may add up to NAf. 20,000 or to an amount equaling any outstanding premiums that have yet to be paid. This amount is to be paid within a certain period of time and if the business fails to pay its fines, it will be prosecuted and face foreclosure. Illegal employees will be taken into custody followed by regular legal procedures and necessary measures to ensure swift repatriation.”

The Control and Inspection departments are urging people to carry the necessary papers and valid identification at all times, in order to facilitate these controls and inspections. Businesses should ensure that all of their necessary paperwork is also in order.

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