Editorial: Feeble (Plastkerk’s Instruction)

POSTED: 02/5/15 7:19 PM

Prime Minister Gumbs and Justice Minister Richardson did not use the word but if one thing is clear it is this: St. Maarten and the Netherlands are at war. Never before was it so abundantly obvious that the kingdom is in dire need of a dispute regulation.

While St. Maarten is doing what it is supposed to do, Kingdom Relations Minister Plasterk is wielding another instruction based on article 51 of the Kingdom Charter.

The interesting aspect of this approach is that Plasterk cannot invoke article 51 as long as St. Maarten is in the process of solving its own problems.

It is a form of kingdom-style bullying that does not go down well at Clem Labega Square and rightly so.

Plasterk’s reasons for putting the best efforts of the Gumbs-cabinet in doubt are feeble at best and the instrument that he wants to use to get his way is a violation of the Kingdom Charter. In some countries, they would call that an integrity-violation.

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Editorial: Feeble (Plastkerk's Instruction) by

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