Andrea ‘Delcita’ Wright: We did not come in a bundle 

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Andrea ‘Delcita’Wright is flanked by the UTS rep Michanou Arrundell and Jennifer Carty. Today Photo/Milton Pieters.

St. Maarten – When Delcita, real name Andrea Wright, and her small entourage appear on stage under the tent at the Princess Port de Plaisance this evening in their theatrical performance, ‘Miss Elsayda’ they will be touching on some issues that affects relationships and life in general for the better part of three hours.

The show which was organized by the Laugh Till Belly Burst organization in collaboration with Caribbean Liquors & Tobacco and Chippie is the first of it’s kind on St Maarten for the five member group who are currently on a tour.

The public was brought up to speed on what Delcita has to offer during a press conference which took place at PJD2 Radio yesterday. The play, Miss Elsayda, which is a continuation from the play, University of Delcita, a family-oriented comedy drama she co wrote and directed.

In essence, the play is about a lady who went to university after spending a number of years between the primary and eventually the secondary level. She had already completed her bachelors and was preparing to do her graduate studies.

However because of her brutal frankness and mode of dress, her fellow students did not want to be associated with her and that in itself attributed to her ordeal. Ironically, her character, a black face woman with missing tooth at the front with wide gaping eyes was enough to make anyone laugh.

“We also look at family issues with regards to sex, marriage, sexuality, homo sexuality within the marriage and women cope with it or if they push it under the rugs. Do they pretend as if it’s not there and we also touch on custody battles when parents are separated, then we dash in a little comedy along the way,” Wright said.

However because of her strong Jamaican accent, Wright often has to tailor her speech to suit her audiences and with St Maarten being an island with so many nationalities, this part of her tour can turn out to be very challenging.

“I grew up slightly polished but it was easy to slip into any roll but when we went to Guyana, we had to switch but when we went to St Kitts, Antigua and even the British Virgin islands, it was easy for them to under the Jamaican dialect,” she pointed out.

But Wright also has an academic side as a Guidance and Counselling from Northern Caribbean University. Her main objective is to empower the people she has the opportunity to speak to. According to Wright, the show opened first in Boston and eventually in Canada.

Wright, the proud mother of one daughter described the high point of her career as performing in front of 15,000 persons in Jamaica during their independence celebrations which she described as extremely massive.

“Even the media could not believe that a play could attract so many people and it was a collaboration with Keith ‘Shebada’ Ramsey and myself as the headliners. In Jamaica, I am known as the queen of comedy and Shebada is the prince behind Oliver.”

In case anyone was wondering if the play could have created an impression during her tour, 2000 tickets for the Florida leg of the court house drama was sold out early. “Those are my high points for crowds, but when you look at the high points at where your how extensive your career has taken you,” she noted.

To give her audience a little of what she and her group has to offer, Wright said ,”Having a man is like a business and if you don’t manage it carefully you can’t make profit out of it, it is an investment and you invest your time and money,” she added.

However she did indicate that at the conclusion of this tour, she will be finding time to go back to counseling and that will mark the end of the Delcita era. However she will be launching Delcita line of clothing.  “St Maarten is blessed to have me during my time of reign.”

There is a possibility that Wright may very well have her daughter who has appeared on stage with her on several occasions pick up where she left off in the not too distant future and that will not come as a surprise because it’s in the blood.

“That was good for Jamaica because it was the first time that we have seen a play pull so many children at the box office. She was 11 then and her paper work was done by a lawyer through the Ministry of Education because she was not allowed to be on stage for more than 30 minutes and if she performed during the week, she had to get off stage before nine,” Wright pointed out.

Wright is of the opinion that Jamaicans do not support the arts like they would support track and field. “Unfortunately we the performers don’t get a lot of support, but sections of the population look forward for a good play to watch.”

She also took the opportunity to extend an open invitation to Jamaicans living here come and expect the best. “Some woman don’t know how to deal with them man, some of them are poodles, but me is a noodle, three minutes and me ready.” Only Jamaicans can relate to what she means here.

But before the man event of the evening, Jay Martin, a stand up comedian from Canada will be entertaining the audience and only those who arrive early will get the opportunity to sit up front.

“Hennessy is happy to be associated with this event as the main sponsor, we have been associated with the Laugh Til Belly Burst organization for a number of years and we are happy to be able to support this one, I am excited and we are looking forward to it” said Marketing Manager Jennifer Carty.

“We have also been working with Mr Brooks and Laugh Til Belly Burst for quite some time and every year we look forward for his events. The productions are always great and well attended. Everything is so serious, we need time to laugh,” added Michanou Arrundell, Service Market Manager-Residential UTS. Ironically, the communication provider has also capitalized on the opportunity to offer tap up packages and with the price of $40 a ticket, patrons also free credit on their phones.

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