A marriage of science and nature: Using the mind to change the brain

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St. Maarten — In a blissful marriage of science and nature, the Global Health Clinic in Pointe Blanche is pioneering the way forward for others in their field. Cutting edge technology is used by a team of doctors to pinpoint the exact areas in the brain that is ill and then natural remedies are used to treat the root cause of these illnesses.

Dr. Kurt A. Vreeland has 40 years expertise in the field of neurology and bio-chemistry working in the United States and for the past several years on St. Maarten. He has been joined in his practice by his daughter Dr. Marigot Vreeland who recently became a doctor in the same field. The team is made even stronger with the addition of Dr. Neil Patel, also a recent graduate and, like Dr. Marigot Vreeland relocated to St. Maarten to join the practice.

“We take neurology and we do all things natural with it. We treat children with problems like autism and ADHD and we also treat adults with issues like Alzheimer’s  and neurodegenerative problems of the brain, but we do it all with natural methods,” Dr. Vreeland  explained.

The doctors agreed that the research is clear and it indicates that many of the neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and Dementia have more or less a degree of inflammation and inflammation responds positively to natural methods like omega 3 fish oil and a variety of anti-inflammatory herbs. “The research also shows that kids with autism have what you call, brains on fire, or inflammation of the brain.

There are different things that can affect this like food allergies, intolerances to wheat or dairy, or the coloring in foods like dyes and other things that can cause inflammation of the brain. We try to figure out ways to help people with more natural things.  A lot of parents will say my kid is pretty good until he eats sugar, or the red Cheerios, or something like that. So we try to figure out ways to help people with more natural remedies,” Dr. Vreeland said.  To ascertain the exact portion of the brain that is afflicted and the type of affliction, EEG’s and other tests are done. “We know where these areas live in the brain, so for example if a child has problems with maths, we know that the math areas of the brain have a particular place in the brain where it lives. So we do EEG, we do brain maps–so we can map the brain and see where the problems are– some areas light up like hot spots and some areas are cold so we can find therauptic ways to change the hot spots or the cold spots.”

Dr. Vreeland acknowledges that these types of high tech methods of pin pointing the exact area of the brain that is affected, is relatively new to the Caribbean and this poses a challenge in certain aspects. However, he and his team are up to the challenge of educating the public about these and other breakthroughs in health that are beneficial to their health, while helping them to rely more on natural treatments . Dr. Vreeland stressed that while he is in favor of natural remedies, and his clinic specializes in these types of treatment, he believes that other types of medicine are sometimes necessary to treat certain conditions. When he or his team encounters such a case they refer the patient to the SMMC or another doctor who deals with the particular specialty.

He notes that in many cases persons cannot ascertain the difference between a behavioral problem and a neurological issue since in a lot of instances the symptoms manifest the same.  “If a kid has a neurological problem, you cannot punish the child to make him into a different neurological model. You have to fix the neurology; you have to get the brain to talk one side to the other, front to back; you have to fix the connection. It is useless to try to use medications in certain cases because the brain doesn’t necessarily connect with medication, it suppresses the symptoms but it doesn’t fix the problem.”  Dr. Vreeland and his team feel privilege to work in the Caribbean where they opined that people tend to lean more towards the natural medicines once offered sensible alternatives to correct their health issues.

To correct the health issues, one of the first steps is to look at the quality of the blood and the terrain of the blood and what is living in the blood using state of the art technology that allows you to see many of these things that cannot be seen in a traditional blood test. “On an ordinary blood test you see only a number on a piece of paper and we never get to see what else is living in the blood. A lot of times people are sick and they go to the doctor and have a normal test and all they see is numbers so they think they are fine, but in some cases something is very wrong,” Dr. Vreeland explained. “With our Darkfield Microscopy, or live blood analysis, we can pin point the exact problem and then recommend natural things that enhance and can begin to change the physiology of the person and then when the physiology changes their health changes.”

To help in diagnosing neurological issues the Global Health team also makes use of a brain cap—EEG—that does a brain map and indicate the hot and cold spots. “Every spot on the head is related to a different function in the human body. If a person can’t do math for instance they may have a cold spot over where the math area is. You can put the patient on a computer and hook the cap to the computer and the computer tells you when that patient is in the zone and they are starting to activate that area so you get a feed back. When the feedback occurs you can actually be able to help that patient to connect that area. So you can use the mind to change the brain, so you don’t need the drugs,” Dr. Vreeland explained.

Dr. Marigot Vreeland is following closely in her father’s footsteps and was trained in the same field though she does not as yet have the experience of her father, who she views as a role model and was one of the deciding factors in her career choice. “I grew up in a very health conscious household and we were always trying to find the cause of the problem as opposed to covering the symptoms. Then after I got out into the real world, with an undergrad degree, and saw so many people looking for the answer but didn’t know where to look, I realized there needs to be more people out there doing it. A lot of people think that taking the pills is their only option and don’t know that there is anything else out there,” Dr. Marigot Vreeland said.

She added that she had several friends who were diagnosed with ADHD and taking– and in some cases abusing– the prescribed medications and this was one of the things that influenced her decision to get into natural remedies. “People really have so little idea about what a healthy diet and a healthy life style is. Plus the marketing influence is so strong in the world that companies that  have a lot of money can market something as being healthy or good for you even when it is not,” Dr. Marigot Vreeland said.

The third member of the team—Dr. Neil Patel–said that what he noticed is that many other doctors treat the symptoms of the illnesses but not the actual cause, unlike the approach at the clinic where the root cause is identified and then treated and in most cases eradicated. Dr Patel is new to the island but said what he would most like to achieve during his time here is to give back to the island by educating the population about healthy diets, healthy life styles and to build awareness about the option of natural alternatives to manufactured medicines to treat the cause of an illness as opposed to just treating the symptoms. “I would actually really like to work with some of the schools on the island and try to work with the kids that have autism and attention deficit disorder but can’t really afford to come into the office, I would like to help these children,” Dr. Patel said.

Dr. Vreeland meanwhile would like his legacy on St. Maarten to be to bring as much awareness to natural health care as possible. “Ultimately, my ideal scene would be to really help to move a whole consciousness into people in St. Maarten to a more healthy and natural way to maintain their health,” Dr. Vreeland said.

Dr. Marigot Vreeland echoed her daddy’s sentiments and noted that St. Maarten is a big community with a small town feel and as such it is possible to have a much bigger impact than in a large area like the U.S. “Here we have a big community with a lot of people and are always interacting so it would be really cool to have at least the word out enough so they know there is an alternative and they don’t always have to be taking drugs for every kind of symptom.”

The team at Global feels up to the challenge and is ready and equipped to help the community to improve their health habits and to help build a naturally healthy St. Maarten.

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