Aruban ministers could be prosecuted for corruption

POSTED: 01/22/15 11:04 PM

ORANJESTAD – The Public Prosecutor’s Office will decide shortly whether it will prosecute Tourism Minister Otmar Oduber, Infrastructure Minister Benny Sevinger, the management of the Aruba Investment Bank and Prime Minister Mike Eman, Ariën Rasmijn reports on Caribisch Netwerk.

The reason for this is the complaint about corruption with the construction of the Hard Rock Hotel that UPP-politician Jan de Ruijter recently submitted in a letter to the prosecutor’s office. An Angela, the spokesman for the prosecutor’s office has confirmed this. De Ruijter filed a complaint against Minister Sevinger because the transfer of the land falls under his responsibility. He filed a complaint against Prime Minister Eman for failing to act against the alleged fraud by Minister Oduber.

“Today Mr, De Ruijter was present at the office of the prosecutor’s office at the invitation of the chief prosecutor and prosecutor Schmidz. It was an informative conversation whereby Mr. De Ruijter elaborated on his point of view,” Angela said.

“In his letter De Ruijter is asking for the prosecution of Minister Oduber. The purpose of the meeting was to obtain an explanation for the request. Afterwards, the prosecutor’s office will take a well-considered decision as soon as possible,” the spokesman said.

De Ruijter confirms that the prosecutor’s office has asked for information about certain details in his letter. “As soon as the prosecutor’s office has these details they are able to take a decision. I will make sure that they receive this information tomorrow,” De Ruijter said, but he declined to divulge the nature of these details.

Minister Oduber declined to react, other than saying that the prosecutor’s office ought to explain what it has discussed with De Ruijter. “For me Mr. De Ruijter is a nutcase, a junkie who has made a lot of accusations that have no merit whatsoever.”

In December of last year, De Ruijter filed a complaint at the prosecutor’s office for corruption, fraud and forgery against the ministers Oduber and Sevinger and Prime Minister Eman. He also filed complaints against the management of the Aruba Investment Bank, members of the committee that granted the building permit to Southwest Horeca Development and against the project developer. This happened after Minister Oduber lost a lawsuit for slander against De Ruijter that dealt with the same accusations.

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