Opinion: Unpaid advice for lonely women

POSTED: 01/20/15 7:11 PM

We have two dogs (Koko and Dushi) and two cats (Peanut and Speedy). We love them all very much, but this article is about Peanut, our ten-year old cat. He is a calico cat with lots of different colors. Beautiful, but for 14 years he has not exactly been my favorite animal. However, today he is my favorite. Let me tell the reader why.

For thirteen years Peanut was hardly ever home. He roamed the neighborhood and only visited us once in a while for some food. (If my wife would have acted the same after I married her I would go for a divorce).

Last year (after hurricane Gonzalo) my wife found a poor little cat at the garbage dump on the French side. A beautiful little cat that became the opposite of Peanut. He plays with the dogs, looks at everything my wife is doing and at night he sleeps in our bed. Around 7 o’clock in the morning he gently touches the nose of my wife to ask for food. If my wife finds that too early and remains in bed, he touches my nose and I go to the kitchen to feed him.

In the beginning, Peanut and Speedy absolutely did not like each other but slowly they began tolerating each other.

Here comes the most surprising part of the story. Slowly but certainly the old cat Peanut became a normal cat. He is now home all the time and is sort of asking for affection. He is like the lost son in the Bible: He is back! Hallelujah! Let us pray and thank God.

In closing my unpaid advice for women who are married to a stray tomcat: take a young one in the house.


Gerard Bijnsdorp,

Unpaid advisor to dogs, cats and lonely women


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