Reader’s opinion on Caravanserai: “Compensation”

POSTED: 01/15/15 2:36 PM

Dear Editor,

We would like to express our extreme disappointment as timeshare owners at Caravanserai. The entire handling of this affair by Alegria was not only poorly executed, but highly unfair to the many owners who had implicit trust in the timeshare.

We are also dismayed at the various solutions offered to alleviate the situation. So far, no needed monetary compensation has been offered to those owners, many of whom invested thousands of dollars.

It would be fitting if several newly elected St Martin officials take the project of monetary compensation under their wing.

Looking forward to seeing some further progress in this area.

Best regards,
Phyllis and Andras Bruhacs

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Reader's opinion on Caravanserai: "Compensation" by

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  1. Micki & Ralph Harris says:

    My husband and I just found out about Caravanerai last night 1/18/15, and we are devastated. we’ve been coming to st.martin for 20 years and have never been treated so poorly.we own two weeks at caravanserai. Is there any one who can keep us informed as to what’s going on and who to contact about this? My husband and I would appreciate any help.

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