Editorial: Settling disputes

POSTED: 01/12/15 11:08 PM

The inter-parliamentary consultation that took place this week in Aruba usually evolves along familiar lines. Gone are the days though when angry Caribbean MPs left the meeting – like Helmin Wiels did in St. Maarten once.

There seems to be consensus and more willingness to listen to each other. While that is a positive point, we do not expect too much from these gatherings. They feel too much like those seminars where everyone goes home thinking that the world’s problems have finally been solved – in one day.

It will therefore still take a long time before there is an interpretation of the regulation for the governor everyone agrees on, or a regulation to settle disputes between countries in the kingdom.

Everybody seems to be willing right now, but when will this independent body finally materialize? Not this year, that is – in our opinion – for sure.

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