New car for employee of the year

POSTED: 12/29/14 11:35 PM

St. Maarten —Management of the Great Bay Beach hotel took employee appreciation and motivation to a whole new level on St. Maarten yesterday, when they rewarded their employee of the year with a brand new car.

That’s according to president of the Wifol, Theophilus Thompson, who considered this gesture the highlight of the season for showing appreciation. He took the opportunity to show some appreciation to his membership and to the  members of the ASEYI as well as to the many businesses with whom the union partners to protect the rights of its membership.

Thompson noted that he was particularly pleased that as of yesterday all his members had received their Christmas bonuses from their various employers, adding that in doing so the management of these companies showed their appreciation for the work their employees did throughout the year.

“On behalf of Wifol I want to extend season greetings to everyone and we look forward to a continued good working relationship in the coming year,” Thompson said.

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