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POSTED: 12/22/14 12:06 AM

St. Maarten —Thirteen persons have been nominated for the three vacancies that exist on the board of the Chamber of Commerce and industry and votes will be cast today to decide the new board members. The election process will begin at 8:00am.

The nomination period ended Tuesday. “For the large business sector, five (5) persons postulated themselves, and for the small business sector, eight (8) persons postulated themselves. For the large business sector, there is one (1) vacancy, and for the small business sector, there are two (2) vacancies on its board of directors,” a press release from the chamber states.

The Election Committee consisted of Franklin Brison, Cleophas Richardson, Myrna Lynch, and Charles Benders. “For the Large Business Sector there were five (5) candidates who were approved for the one (1) position. The names are as follows: Ann Meyers, Anna Rabess-Richradson, Louis Bute, Nkomo Lake and Pamela Annuska Friday-Illis. In addition, eight candidates were approved for two positions for the Small Business Sector. The candidates are as follows: Ajay Rawtani, Ann Meyers, Anna Rabess-Richradson, Basil Richardson, Keoma Hamer, Nkomo Lake,  Pamela Annuska Friday-Illis and Vinod Kotai. Consequently there will be an election for the large business sector and for the small business sector, the number of candidates exceeded the vacancies.

“Therefore, election will be held on December 18, from 8:30 am until 12 noon for the Large Business Sector and the Small Business Sector,” the Chamber explained in its news release. Voters had the opportunity prior to today’s elections to pick up their voting cards at the Chamber of Commerce & Industry office. These cards will be exchanged for a ballot.

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