Cornelius De-Weever says: “bring back our professionals”

POSTED: 12/18/14 10:57 PM

Great Bay—St. Maarten graduates and professionals in Holland must, according to Minister Cornelius de Weever, be encouraged and motivated to return to the island to use their expertise and knowledge in building their country.

The Social development and labor minister is urging local businesses to participate in Flinx Recruitment Expo Dutch Caribbean (FRED) June 4-June 7, 2015 in the Netherlands, Rotterdam.  “We need to bring our graduating and graduated students back to St. Maarten to build St. Maarten together as well as those who may be working abroad,” de Weever advises.

FRED is a recruitment event by Flinx Recruitment where the meeting point is created between jobseekers in the Netherlands and employers in the Dutch Caribbean. FRED has the primary goal to stimulate the emigration of students and professionals in the Netherlands to the Dutch Caribbean. FRED has become the annual recruitment event for students and professionals seeking information for career opportunities in the Dutch Caribbean.

The minister met with Stephanie Carty on Thursday to briefly discuss FRED and how St. Maarten can recruit its professionals not just for jobs but also for internships. “By encouraging our professionals to return to St. Maarten we will be able to utilize the counterpart policy effectively and establish a database for the Labor Department,” the minister advises. Persons wishing to get in touch with the local contact for FRED may do so via e-mail or via telephone number 721 553-1722.

“I am encouraging the government owned companies, the Chamber of Commerce and especially our business community to take advantage of this opportunity to recruit our students, our graduates and those who are gaining experience in their fields,” said Minister De Weever.

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