Opinion: More business as usual (at parliament)

POSTED: 12/17/14 3:21 PM

Dear Editor,

The Presidium of Parliament has taken note of the Today newspaper’s editorial under the heading “Business as usual (St. Maarten Parliament Meeting).”

In connection with the postponement of meetings, Parliament has a right to postpone a meeting for various reasons.

Today’s technology where nearly everybody is connected via the internet, allows notices of cancellation to be sent at a moment’s notice.

The House of Parliament has two meeting weeks per month.  During these weeks various meetings are scheduled accordingly.

At every session of the House of Parliament, each faction with seats in the House makes their contributions to the meeting that was called.  The content of those discussions are for the prerogative of the Member of Parliament.  This is a democracy and the public and media can judge their representatives accordingly.

The Parliament of Sint Maarten is a member of Parlatino, and with that membership there are also obligations.  MPs are members of various Parlatino committees as well as the Executive Committee.

MPs during Parlatino meetings make their contributions with respect to the Sint Maarten perspective on the issue at hand.

Whether here at home or abroad representing the country, MPs are able to make their views heard and contribute to democratic discussion and more.  Each faction and MP has a responsibility which they are well aware of, and exercise that as they see fit.

Thanking you in advance for your attention.

Presidium of Parliament   


Editor’s note:

We appreciate the presidium’s statement, but we maintain that the parliament ought to provide the public with the exact reason or reasons why meetings sometimes are cancelled at the last moment.

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