Editorial: Not helpful (vague press statement from Minister Lake)

POSTED: 12/17/14 3:22 PM

Vromi-Minister Maurice Lake is apparently not aware of the finer details of the articles of incorporation that regulate the St. Maarten Housing Foundation. That leads to public statements that are at odds with reality – and nobody stands to benefit from that.

The foundation’s board should have five – not seven, as the minister claims in a press statement – members and as long as there is at least one member left, that board is legal.

Another point is of course that the board should take action without delay (meaning: immediately) once there are fewer than five board members. This has obviously not happened and that is a reason for concern and immediate intervention – not for more delay.

Whatever else may be going on at the housing foundation seems to be up to its board to sort out.

Getting the facts straight is also important – and in that sense the minister’s vague press statement was not very helpful.

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Editorial: Not helpful (vague press statement from Minister Lake) by

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