New board of WIFOL inaugural meeting Thursday

POSTED: 12/3/14 8:08 PM

St. Maarten—The newly elected board of the Wifol will have its inaugural meeting on Thursday where the division of portfolios will take place.

The board was elected last week during the Wifol congress—held every three to five years—by the delegates, who are themselves elected by their fellow workers at the various businesses where the union is the labor representative. Five new members will serve on the board for the first time, while two members who had served previously were re-elected with incumbent president Theophilus Thompson falling into the latter category.   The union’s congress is the entity responsible for putting together a work-plan, based on the vision of the union that will be used over the next few years. The congress also put forward and implemented resolutions to be put in place over the next three years.

These resolutions include striving to strengthen the partnership with social partners—government, employers and labour. Thompson said in an invited comment that the union intends to do this by having more social dialogues with its partners, stressing that without partnership all the adopted resolutions will remain dormant. The unions’ congress also adopted a resolution to promote sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth which it intends to champion through productive employment and “decent work.” Decent work, according to Thompson means being able to meet the needs of one’s self and one’s family from the amount of monies they are paid to carry out a particular job.

The congress also put forward and adopted a resolution to conserve and promote sustainable use of the islands waters, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. According to Thompson the union takes its position as a social partner very seriously and intends to continue dialogue with its partners to fulfill the resolutions implemented by the congress.

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New board of WIFOL inaugural meeting Thursday by

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