Plane wreckage of Skyway SH36 plane recovered at last

POSTED: 12/2/14 12:52 AM

St. Maarten – The wreckage of the Skyway Enterprise twin-engine SH36 plane was brought ashore on Saturday afternoon, approximately 30 days after crashing just after takeoff from the Princess Juliana International Airport,

Both the pilot and co pilot perished as a result of the crash which occurred a short distance away from the PJIA and while the body of the pilot was recovered several hours after by divers, the earthly remains of the co pilot has as yet not been recovered.

The small cargo plane which was enroute to Puerto Rico was consigned to FedEx and as such the emergency management agency from Puerto Rico played an active role in the recovery effort. According to one of the technicians on the barge that was dispatched to remove what was left from the wreckage, it took about five hours to complete the tedious exercise due to the fact that the plane came to rest in about 65 feet of water.

As the barge made it’s way through the bridge shortly after 5, last Saturday, it created quite a stir, especially for those who had the rare opportunity to see what the remains of a crashed plane looked like.


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Plane wreckage of Skyway SH36 plane recovered at last by

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