Maho group pleased with new sub-station

POSTED: 11/24/14 7:47 PM

St. Maarten –  The new police substation in the Maho area, has been welcomed by the Maho group. The substation opened yesterday and will mean four additional police officers in the area as part of what has been described as “the police department expanding to be closer to the community.”

“The Maho Group is extremely happy with this safety upgrade that will result in four Police Officers on bicycle stationed in the area. They will regularly patrol the streets and will be able to maneuver easily through the busy foot and vehicular traffic. These Police Officers will have back up from two police dogs and their handlers,” a news release from the Maho group states.

“The Police Force is expanding throughout the country to be closer to the community they serve. We are happy to welcome them into Maho Village. The presence of men and women in uniform only enhances the sense of security among visitors and residents,” said Saro Spadaro, President and CEO of The Maho Group. He noted that the annual tourist high season is nearing its full start and the Maho Group’s collection of resorts are ready to welcome more visitors than ever to St. Maarten’s shores.

“One aspect of any vacation is safety. Visitors who feel safe and have a worry-free vacation are the most likely to return again and again. Our many return visitors know St. Maarten to be a tranquil and safe destination. The addition of the Police Substation will emphasize that,” said Spadaro.

The Maho Group commends the St. Maarten Police Force for its efforts to create a better and safer community for residents and visitors. The Police Officers, who are assigned to the Police Substation, are welcomed by the group to the heart of the country’s tourism – Maho Village.

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