Two restaurant robbers face 24 months of imprisonment

POSTED: 11/20/14 10:48 PM

St. Maarten – The prosecution is demanding 24 months of imprisonment against two young men for an armed robbery at Bamboo Garden in Cole Bay on September 26. Prosecutor Maarten Noordzij asked the court to acquit the two defendants of a robbery at the Chin Yu restaurant for lack of evidence. Judge Rick Smid will pronounce his verdict on December 10.

The defendants are 20-year-old Geraldo Leandro C. and 19-year-old Jovanny L. The case was in court already once before, on October 29, but on that occasion the case was postponed to allow for the hearing of several witnesses.

Both men visited Bamboo Garden once before they robbed it, and the owners recognized Geraldo C. from his posture and his clothing, even though he was wearing a mask and brandishing a gun. Jovanny L. stayed outside as a lookout, while his partner in crime grabbed some money from the cash register.

Attorney Geert Hatzmann said that his client Jovanny L. had not been seen by any of the witnesses, and that these witnesses all speak of one robber. Hatzmann questioned the reliability of the witness that had recognized Geraldo C. solely from his clothing, his posture and the fact that the witness claimed to know the young man well.

“Witnesses have influenced each other. Therefore their statements are not reliable and cannot be used as evidence,” Hatzmann said,

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