Public advised to guard against robberies

POSTED: 11/19/14 9:08 PM

St. Maarten —Residents and in particular businesses are asked by the police department to take additional safety precautions with the upcoming holidays to keep their properties and homes safe from thieves.

Police spokesman Inspector Ricardo Henson said the police has always given out this message and its almost wise to put it into practice but that it is even more necessary to do so around the holiday season. Statistically the police receive more reports of burglaries around the holidays.

With the recent spate of robberies against local casinos, Henson asks all business owners to be mindful and to take increased security measures. “The casinos have been victims but it’s not just casinos that are being robbed. There are other robberies taking place so everyone should be on their guard,” Henson told Today in an invited comment.

Within the last two months a number of casinos have been targeted and robbed by unknown persons, and in the most recent of these incidents a security guard was shot while foiling the robbers. Henson was tight lipped as to whether the detective departments have any new leads on the robbers or as to whether a profile has been formed.

In all of the robberies to date witnesses reported that the robbers were three people, two men and one woman and that they made their getaway in a small vehicle, reported as a white vehicle in most cases.

Police are continuing efforts to locate these criminals but in the meantime, Henson advises that there are other persons who also do these crimes and that persons should be on guard against all suspicious behavior. According to Henson, the police department will soon begin its annual campaign through the media and other avenues to give persons tips on securing their homes and property and to remind them to exercise precaution against thefts.

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