Turmoil during ceremonial arrival of Sinterklaas

POSTED: 11/18/14 12:14 AM

GOUDA – Police arrested ninety people during the most controversial ceremonial arrival of Sinterklaas in Nederland on Saturday. They are all proponents and opponents of Black Pete, John Samson reports on Caribisch Netwerk. The warring factions entered into a confrontation.

The municipality of Gouda had allocated a space to the protesters outside of the city center. But the arrested protesters did not stick to that location/

The largest part of the detainees are opponents of Black Peter. They want to see an end to Black Pete in his current form, saying that it has racist characteristics.

Approximately 40,000 parents and children attended the arrival of Sinterklaas in Gouda. Among the helpers of the bishop were so-called “stroopwafel-“Black Petes with the design of this traditional Dutch waffle painted on their face instead of the all-out black face.

Elsewhere in the country, like in Lelystad, the arrival of Sinterklaas remained a celebration with the real thing – Black Petes that were as black as they have always been.

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Turmoil during ceremonial arrival of Sinterklaas by

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