Editorial: Follow the money

POSTED: 11/10/14 12:45 AM

The enormity of former Finance Minister Roland Tuitt’s move to take all tax debts from 1976-2006 off the books is beyond anyone’s wildest imagination. According to the Social Economic Council Tuitt let go of 4.47 billion guilders in arrears – approximately ten times the country’s current national budget.

If the policy document Tuitt signed in 2013 – ten days after the fall of the second Wescot-Williams cabinet – is indeed unlawful as the SER claims, one may well wonder whether this measure fits within the framework of departure policy.

If that is so, it begs the question who would stand to benefit the most from this unexpected Christmas gift. Another question that comes to mind is whether this measure was taken with criminal intent.

The SER-advice is quite clear and adamant. The government should disregard Tuitt’s policy document and the ordinance he drafted, and finally take measures to increase tax compliance.

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  1. William 47 says:

    Do we still believe we can handle our own things?
    What a shame.

  2. Me too says:

    In what country only 1 person can decide to take taxs-debts ( for such an enormous amount ) from the books????
    Only in non-democratic countries and in banana…..
    (the guy must have won al lot of friends. Did he himself had
    an outstanding taxs-debt in that period? Some other politicians???)
    Wil this be brougt to Court?

  3. Richie says:

    So don’t pay your taxes. In 7 years they will be out of the books. ( in the mean time nobody brings you to court because of non -payment. As the past shows…..).

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