Arnia now has a wide range of symbolic items

POSTED: 11/5/14 10:15 AM

St. Maarten – Ten years ago when St Maarten’s day was celebrated, the Management of Arnia’s Bookstore only had two symbolic items on sale, now as November 11 approaches, they have 57 items available.

“According to visitors to the island, this is the only store that has so many national flags on sale,” said Henry Janvier, the proprietor of the small business establishment.

“We started then with the table cloth flag and then eventually the small flag that was flown on cars,” he pointed out. Now the range of symbolic items is beyond one’s imagination.

The largest symbolic item available at the store is the bonnet covers for cars and SUV’s. And the variety goes on from side mirror covers, T shirts, head rest covers, St. Marten lanyard, key chains, umbrellas and small flags just to name a few.

“This whole idea was pushed through Louie Laveist a few years ago and I am doing this with no subsidy from anybody. We also have flags from 148 countries and 70 items from each of those countries,”Janvier added.

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