Lake says work will start soon on Chin Cactus Drive.

POSTED: 11/3/14 7:46 PM

St. Maarten – Vromi Minister Maurice Lake has said that work will begin soon on the Cactus Drive road in Sucker Garden which is in a deplorable condition, but added that procedures must be followed.

Lakes statements comes on the heels of a petition signed by Sucker Garden residents and carried in local media in which they ask that the Cactus Drive road be repaired. Minister Lake said in a statement last night, “a promise made is a promise kept. The project will start soon.  It went on tender and the contractor has been selected.  The contractor brought in some documents on Thursday and has also been busy acquiring the materials needed to execute the over Naf.484.000 project.

“Since I’ve been serving as minister for over a year, I have learnt that you have to follow procedures and make sure everything has been done correctly. You have to make sure everything meets the rules and regulations that are in place. I will present to the Council of Ministers on Tuesday the project in order for it to move forward.  I am a man of my word, but at the same time, I have to make sure that the proper procedures have been followed for the successful execution of the road project,”  Lake said on Friday.

He added that he has visited the area since the passing of the hurricane and that he used the opportunity to speak to some of the residents about the situation. “I also noticed some downed poles that need to be addressed in order to improve safety and security in this particular area.  This needs to be looked into by the relevant responsible party. I would like to apologize to the residents of Chin Cactus Drive for any inconvenience caused with the delay of executing this project, and seek their understanding as within short we move forward with the execution,” Minister Maurice Lake concluded.


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Lake says work will start soon on Chin Cactus Drive. by

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