Opinion: What democracy?

POSTED: 10/28/14 9:40 PM

Dear Editor,

What democracy was the march on Sunday held for? Was it for the democracy that this island never experienced? Those of us who have lived on this island through the last 5 ½ decades know that this island was never governed in a democratic manner.

This island was ruled during the last 5 ½ decades, with the exception of a few years after 1979, by a clan. The members of this clan are of the firm belief that only the clan should run this island. To achieve their goal this clan has used and is still using unconventional methods. Vote buying has always been one of their main methods to gain that power in government. Years gone by tax payers money was used by the clan to buy votes. Nowadays during election time vote buying by the clan is still in full swing. Nowadays large sums of money donated to the election campaign of the clan by their rich business friends here and abroad are used in the vote buying scheme.

Intimidation and misleading the voters are also methods that are used and were used by the clan to gain votes. Years gone by naturalized citizens were misled by the clan. They were told not to vote against the clan, because if the other party got in power, that party was going to take away their citizenship. Voters were told by the clan that if the other party got in power they will bring the Curacao tax collectors to take away their homes and businesses.

In the meantime the clan’s business friends made lots of money and paid little or no taxes. Today many businesses still do not pay taxes or pay their fair share of taxes but that never seems to bother the clan. St. Maarten had over the years many integer men and women who fought hard battles against the clan, but because of the abovementioned unconventional methods used by the clan, these good men and women did not succeed in winning the war against the clan.

I am referring to people like L.B. Scott, A.T. Illidge, William Peterson, Melford Hazel, Elias Richardson, Gaston Scott, Charles Wilson, Ernest Voges, Hugh Lopes, Jose Lake Sr., Bing Jones, Mervin Scott, Camille Baly, Will Johnson, Jacinth Bryan-Labega, Vincent Doncher, Elaine Gumbs-Vlaun, Vance James Jr., Michel Deher, Edgar Lynch, Lenny Priest, Felicia Thomas-James, Leo Chance and last but not least William Marlin who with his other members of the National Alliance is still fighting the war today.

It has been claimed that the clan has taken achieving political power a step further by paying hefty sums of money for a seat in Parliament. If this is true what will become of this island.


Todd Peterson


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  1. timothy saunders says:

    Democracy? Sint Maarten is not a democracy. Sint Maarten is a oligarchy because we are controlled by a few prominent families who look after their own interest under the disguise of belonging to the regular people. They are called Wathey and Meyers. Their march was not about an intrusion of democratic rights. It was about keeping things as is because they “like it so”. But because the people are not supposed to know that “they like it so” they scream, “racis”, “dutch” and “colonialism”. But all they can actually think of is power and money. It is the only concept they understand. I have to laugh when I see Toochi telling us that his democratic rights are being trampled on. Even if he knows what a democracy actually is (which I doubt), I don’t think he cares about any democratic rights. Strike that. He doesn’t give a flying shit about rights whatsoever except his own rights, read: his whorehouses, his water taxi business and his harbor dredging business with Theo. When I see a picture of a (white) Wathey walking with a t-shirt with symbolic red blood stains, I think, yeah right. Who are you fooling? Watheys originate from Belgium not from African slaves. So what is your message here? I, for one, was not impressed by the march at all and I am glad the vast majority of the people stayed home. Slowly but surely people are starting to understand what situation we are actually in. Let me repeat it. It is not the Dutch intruding on our democratic rights that cause the bad reputation we have. It is these families that antagonize the population by using this country as their cash cow. They are not only at the root of our corruption problem, they are the corruption problem and obviously they will not do anything to solve it. Because they “like it so”. Do we finally get it?

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