Police bring Stop, Drop & Go project to St. Maarten Academy

POSTED: 10/27/14 5:08 PM

St. Maarten – In an effort to bring awareness to all factions of the St. Maarten community about the Stop, Drop & Go project, KPSM Inspector Felix Richards and Police Public Relations officer Inspector Ricardo Henson visited the St. Maarten Academy PSVE- secondary school in Ebenezer Estate to give a presentation to students about the project, which is currently taking place, and the dangers of guns early Friday morning.

By bringing this message to all schools, and mainly the secondary schools, the Police Department of St. Maarten believes that this message will quickly be spread among the youth, which is also a main target group. The students listened attentively as Inspector Richards delivered his presentation. They also responded positively to the jingle used to promote the project, which was written, composed and sung by a local youngster, Rumari Rogers. The jingle can be heard daily on several local radio stations.

The presentation ended with Inspector Richards distributing promotional and informational flyers –along with the red, white and blue colored wristbands with the words “Stop, Drop & Go” engraved on them – to the students and teachers in attendance. The intention is to visit all secondary schools to give the same presentation and share information with the students.

The project is a joint effort of the French and Dutch side law enforcement authorities to get as many illegal firearms off the streets of St. Maarten as possible and encourages persons on both side of the island to voluntarily surrender their illegal firearms without fear of being prosecuted. The project officially started on October 15 and will come to a close on October 31. Thus far, the project has been quite successful and has resulted in a number of illegal firearms being turned in at the Attorney General’s office located on the third floor of the Puerta Del Sol Plaza on Welfare road.


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Police bring Stop, Drop & Go project to St. Maarten Academy by

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