Gebe restoration efforts in four areas tomorrow

POSTED: 10/27/14 5:06 PM

St. Maarten —Gebe post Gonzalo restoration efforts will continue tomorrow October 26th in the areas of Middle Region, Sucker Garden, Point Blanche and Dutch Quarter Mt. Willem Hill, according to an NV Gebe press release.

NV GEBE St. Maarten’s sole electricity provider — states that the majority of the population maintained power during Hurricane Gonzalo. NV GEBE services around 20,000 meter connections on the Dutch side of the island and now that Gonzalo is gone, power is being restored.  NV GEBE Chief Financial Officer Rene Gartner said the company’s crews have been working around the clock to restore electricity.

“We have a great team of people at NV GEBE who are committed to St. Maarten and the comfort and safety of its residents and visitors. Additional crews have also been hired to fortify the existing NV GEBE staff”.

The Gebe crews have already restored power in the areas of St. Peters, South Reward and Madame Estate. The company’s restoration efforts will concentrate on the Oyster Pond area on Monday October 27th, the NV Gebe press release stated.

“Efforts were made in order to attend the priority areas such as Dutch Quarter, Middle Region, Belvedere, and other hard hit areas.  Because some areas were more affected than others their time frames for restoration vary.”  Chief Operating Officer, Romelio Maduro assures the community that NV GEBE is doing all that it can do to make sure every client’s need is met.  From press releases to daily Facebook updates the company has been keeping its clients up-to-date and well informed. Gebe officials note that the damages were widespread so the restoration process will not be quick or easy.

“The safety of our crew and safety of our clients is our number one priority.  We are still taking reports and our crew is responding to issues accordingly.  In order to alleviate the extraordinary amount of service calls after Gonzalo, supplementary numbers were provided for clients to call for assistance.  In addition to the toll free emergency number 1 844 432 3213, three additional numbers were added 1 721 546 1189, 1721 546 1193 and 1 721 544 3100.  There was a huge amount of damages caused by Gonzalo, so it took time to get to each location”, an NV GEBE press release read.

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