UP-leader Theo Heyliger about instruction: “Witch hunt with me as primary target”

POSTED: 10/20/14 6:50 PM

St. Maarten – United People’s party leader Theo Heyliger released another statement to the media yesterday, announcing that the Dutch government will be held liable for the damages its “unconstitutional intrusion” is causing St. Maarten.

(For the unabridged version of Heyliger’s statement, see our Opinion page).

Heyliger states that the instruction to the governor is based on “its earlier initiated character assassination of my person” and that the measure lacks a legal basis.

Referring to the investigation the Dutch government has in mind, Heyliger states that the measure is created “to determine the screening process and its parameters with pre-existing bias to ensure that the screening process cannot be passed by my person. The so-called “mafia” as I am being referred to should never be able to pass the screening even if no objections exist against my person. A system is being created where you can be accused, tried and convicted without ever having a possibility to defend yourself.”

“I am not against screening of candidate-minsters,” Heyliger furthermore states. “But the instruction to the governor for what is in essence a pre-screening can only be considered an infringement of St. Maarten’s autonomy.”

The UP-leader describes the instruction to the governor as “a no holds barred witch hunt with me as the primary target.”

Heyliger then refers to National Alliance MP Louie Laveist (who did not win enough votes for a second term): “What is amazing is we didn’t hear a word from the Dutch when a convicted person was serving in Parliament in the last term.” He also notes that no support or sympathy has been forthcoming to St. Maarten after hurricane Gonzalo and that the Netherlands is not exactly a bastion of integrity either.

Heyliger – correctly – points out that the Dutch government has branded him as the mafia or of having links with the mafia without any proof. “This is slander yet those to whom I would have to address my claim are appointed by the same Dutch Government engaging in these slanderous acts.”

The UP-leader concludes his statement on a positive note: “I will work with undeterred determination to safeguard the people of this country and the institutions of our parliamentary democracy. I will stay true to my promises to the people of this country and shall through transparency and with integrity restore their faith in their government.”




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UP-leader Theo Heyliger about instruction: “Witch hunt with me as primary target” by

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