Cleanup effort continues

POSTED: 10/17/14 4:05 PM

St. Maarten – Cleanup of the Beach Promenade and Great Bay Beach are carded to begin today and the EOC team has vowed to make all efforts to have this completed by the end of the day on Friday. Clean up of Front Street took place yesterday and the cleanup of back street is anticipated to be completed today.

Police will be shutting down certain streets in collaboration with Ministry Vromi to facilitate the cleanup efforts currently taking place.  “Cleanup crews have experienced aggressive behavior from motorists and this is totally unacceptable.  Vehicles should also not be parked in a certain manner that obstructs cleanup efforts.  Police will be present to have these vehicles removed whenever necessary,” the COPI update stated last night.

The removal of “closed road street barriers” by individuals is punishable by law and this measure will be enforced should the person(s) be caught in the act, the press release stated.

The EOC team explained that registration for assessment of damage due to hurricane Gonzalo will continue at the Department of Social Services (Pondfill) until Wednesday, October 22 during normal working hours. Priority will be given to senior citizens and persons who are disabled/handicapped.

As the disaster management team tries to put the island back on its feet, the EOC team further announced that there is an urgent need for donations of tarpaulins, home repair tools and wood.  Donations should be made to the St. Maarten Red Cross.

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