Security beefed up at entrance to pier

POSTED: 10/9/14 9:19 PM

St. Maarten – The undercarriage of all vehicles entering the premises of the Dr. Claude Wathey Cruise Facility has been subject to rigid inspections regardless of the amount of times they arrive at the check point.

Using two tactical inspection tools which are capable of conducting visual inspections on the exterior of any vehicle, the two security officers will be in a position to detect hidden items such as contraband and human smuggling by looking down into the convex mirrors that are fitted on wheels for easy manipulation.

This exercise carried out by the team that is in charge of securing the facility on a 24 hour basis may seem quite unusual, however when safety is the top priority of any security company, that is just one of the many measures that has to be put in place.

Considering the hundreds of delegates that are here for the 21st Florida Caribbean Cruise Association Conference, it is imperative that all necessary steps must be put in place to ensure the safety of those attending is maintained at all costs.


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Security beefed up at entrance to pier by

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