Car crashes into Topper’s restaurant

POSTED: 09/30/14 12:13 AM

St. Maarten– A stroke of bad luck hit Topper’s restaurant in the early hours of Saturday morning when a driver lost control of her car and crashed literally through the front end of the business. The car took down a large billboard, destroys benched and tables in from of the bar, barreled through a part of the company’s office and then crashed against a wall of a neighboring business called Marty’s.

There the car caught fire, also causing some minor damages to Marty’s. The driver – reportedly a female employee of the Coast Guard – initially ran away but was later arrested. Further details have not been made available by the police yet.

The car went straight through a part of the office where it took everything in its way – from the air conditioning unit to a number of rum bottles.

All this happened while the restaurant’s owner is in detention for illegal firearm possession. This morning the Judge of Instruction will hear an appeal against his prolonged detention. Topper was arrested Wednesday a week ago. So far, attempts by his attorneys to have the 75-year-old restaurateur released have yielded no results.

At the restaurant it is in the meantime “business as usual” though staff and family members are eagerly looking forward to Topper’s return.

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