Inspector Henson dismisses police brutality claims

POSTED: 09/25/14 1:28 PM

Ricardo HensonSt. Maarten – Claims that excessive force was used recently by the police in subduing students of the Sundial School during a fight, and allegations of police brutality, have been dismissed by police spokesman Inspector Ricardo Henson.

“The fighting got so out of hand that the police had to be called in and they had to take control of the situation. No excessive force was used; no one was injured by the police. The police on the scene used just the right amount of force to establish peace and order,” Henson told Today in an invited comment. Referring to the videos that have been posted online showing the altercation and the methods used by the police to control the crowd, Henson lamented that the persons posting these videos did not place as much focus on the almost riot situation the kids had begun, as they did on attempting  to portray the police in a negative light.

“It’s sad that these videos do not show what the kids were doing, what the crowd was doing. It is sad that things are so out of control with these fights at school that the police felt it necessary to use force. Unfortunately some people have chosen to make the police the focus of this situation, but the real focus should be on why are these kids fighting at schools? Why has the situation gotten so out of hand that the police have to be called in to a school to break up fights between kids?  School is supposed to be a place of learning, they are supposed to be taking advantage of the opportunities they have been presented with and not disrupting the public peace and safety.”

According to inspector Henson it is a challenge for the police organization who is “doing all we can to maintain public order.” He explained that the police used justifiable force to subdue the offenders, some of which had chosen to attack the police and thinks the parents of the kids involved needs to have long and serious discussions with the children about the type of behavior exhibited.

“These fights are unfair to the students who are actually at school trying to pay attention to their lessons and their futures but have to be disrupted by these fights. Our job is to protect the public and we are not going to tolerate persons jeopardizing the safety of innocent members of the public.”  Henson added that he does not believe that any kid is fundamentally bad and encouraged kids and the parents of these kids to think about the type of future they would like and avoid getting involved in fights and disruptive behaviors. He also urged members of the public that the police were present at this fight because they had been called in cause persons on the scene felt they had no way of controlling a situation that had gotten so out of control.

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