Editorial: Moving forward

POSTED: 09/24/14 11:43 PM

Today formateur William Marlin will deliver his report to Governor Holiday. There are no surprises expected, or it must be that the governor will also receive the governing program that the three coalition partners put together after the elections.

While National Alliance, United St. Maarten party and Democratic Party have been diligently working towards the task at hand for the new governing term, there has been no shortage of rumors about the national sport of jumping ship and even about threats for daring to even thinking about doing such a thing.

What St. Maarten needs right now is stability. The first parliament and the successive governments that have been in office have not achieved much – and we’re being kind here. That has not been beneficial for the people our politicians are supposed to serve. Too many dossiers have lingered, forgotten in deep drawers.

It is time to govern and – as politicians love to say – to move the country forward. That does not only require a decisive government, it also requires a strong but above all constructive opposition. The last thing the electorate wants is another four years of disappointment.


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