Editorial: Dead letter (short term labor contracts)

POSTED: 09/23/14 10:54 PM

The dog and pony show about the abuse of short-term labor contracts has been a familiar guest in the former Island Council and in the Parliament. On Friday, the Social Economic Council published its advice about the changes to the civil code that ought to put a stop to this abuse.

The advice however, contains an almost offhand remark that sheds a different light on this matter. And mind you: that remark stems from an underlying advice that is two years old.

The SER found that there is nothing wrong with the law, but that there is no control over employers that are breaking the law. If that does not change, adapting labor legislation is not going to do anyone any good.

This is something politicians ought to pay attention to as well, before they come up with all kinds of cosmetic solutions for non-existing problems. After the third temp contract with little or no interval, the fourth one is already a permanent contract but without proper control and enforcement every piece of legislation remains a dead letter.


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