Driver arrested for gun possession

POSTED: 09/22/14 1:26 PM

Gun and ammo

The Ruger P345 police confiscated from a 24-year old man. Photo KPSM

St. Maarten- On Friday evening around 8 p.m. a police patrol arrested a 24-year-old man who was found in the possession of a loaded .45 caliber Ruger P345 handgun. A 27-year-old passenger in his car was also detained.

The patrol stopped the car because it did not have a license plate in front and because it had heavily tinted windows. When the officers approached the car they smelled a strong marijuana scent. They ordered the driver, D.D., and his passenger, H.R. to step out of the car. The officers found that the driver carried the loaded gun in his waistband. In the car, the officers found a small bag containing marihuana. The officers confiscated the gun and the soft drugs for further investigation.

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