Opinion by James E. Maduro: Witch Hunters

POSTED: 09/13/14 11:34 PM

Dear Editor,

Please find enclosed a letter written to my person from the Receiver’s office.

I can only feel resentment coming from the wording of this letter and I hereby send you a copy for publishing. Such a reaction came, because writer filed a complaint with the ombudsman office against this  office.

Kindly pay keen attention to the sentences at the bottom of this letter and let me know if this letter is not written with revenge for James Maduro. And is not becoming a government’s office, unnecessarily.

Again their letter was dated 29-08- 2014 and it reached me on Wednesday September 10,  2014. I have been given 14 days from date of issue of letter to pay or otherwise collection measures would be undertaken.. Today is  exactly 12 days from date of issue of  their letter and I only got same today. I am totally flabbergasted  by the amount of pressure I as a local am receiving from the Receiver’s office and wonder if those with millions of dollars outstanding, are being treated in the  same manner. I will pay the balance in due time.

As to the statement that I withheld decisive banking information, that  is for the account of the writer of that letter. I have indeed taken decisive measures not to endanger my daughter’s account any longer, by asking her to have my name removed from same.

Again I repeat Mr. Editor that today we are in authority and tomorrow we are just somebody.

Thanks very much for the space provided.

James E. Maduro

Editor’s note:

The letter Mr. Maduro refers to, and of which he provided us with a copy gives an overview of outstanding taxes and furthermore reads: “On 26-06-2014 you were granted a payment arrangement for following outstanding based on the bank information you did provided (sic) at that time. I hereby inform you that your payment arrangement is cancelled due to the fact that you withheld decisive banking on information which was later provided by your bank. In accordance with the abovementioned you are requested to pay the outstanding within fourteen days of the date of this letter. If no payment is received within the stipulated timeframe, collection measures will resume.”

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  1. Rose-Mary Radick says:

    I would like to know how to contact Jim Maduro. We worked with him on St. Eustatius many years ago. I am planning a trip to St. Maarten in the near future and would like to try to stop to say hello to him.
    Thank you for your response.
    Rose-Mary Radick

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