Opinion by Bienvenido Richardson: Three Amigos Coalition

POSTED: 09/9/14 10:49 PM

Dear Editor,

After yesterday’s press briefing and statements made by Leona Marlin about coming out victorious on leading the pack of wolves, I am wondering really in this coalition partnership, who really is leading the pack?

Oh and by the way I must congratulate Mrs. Marlin for her brave statement and conviction. She sounds like a real leader.

And talking about leader, I believe that Mr. Frans Richardson should give her the leadership of the US party for the next election.

Jumping ship has nothing to do with integrity, by the way.

What should have happened is that Parliament should have gone over to another electoral system before we had our election , in order to avoid these type of ship jumpers, which by the way, given the present electoral law is legal and possible once you have been deceived by your political party, or leader, or party ideology.

Having said that, I still believe and through this letter, I am making an appeal to the three amigos party coalition to rethink their position and try to form a two party coalition government instead of three. By doing this you will be making sure you have a more stable government for the next four years and avoiding the possible burden on the taxpayers in case of a fall of government.

So I am appealing to you the leaders of the, Democratic Party, United Sint Maarten Party, and the National Alliance to come to the realization that a three party coalition government can only create more confusion, and ultimately cost us the taxpayers more money after it falls; I want you, at least one of you, to become the leader of this coalition pack and avoid the country another burden and international embarrassment; cancel this coalition formation now before it costs us money.

That is why I am appealing to one of you and or party members to lead Sint Maarten out of this yet to be formed mess, if you fail to comply, the people of Sint Maarten will hold you accountable.

Bienvenido Richardson


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