Reader writes: Listening to the voters

POSTED: 09/5/14 2:02 PM

Dear Editor,

After reading certain statements made in the media by representatives of the Democratic Party of St. Maarten this week, I had to express my feelings and beliefs to those same representatives and the fellow members and supporters of the Democratic Party.

First of all let me congratulate the public of St. Maarten for coming out on August 29 and voting for their candidate of choice. It was evident that this election, voters voted for candidates and not parties. On August 29, the supporters of the Democratic Party sent crystal clear messages to the leader of the Democratic Party and its board. The supporters are happy with the DP’s attempt to rejuvenate and rebuild the party by adding persons like Cornie, Emil, Cookie, Geerlings and Hasani to their list of candidates.

Congratulations to these candidates and their teams. A job well done! The time has come for young dynamic fresh blood to enter the political arena and make a contribution to their country. Having said that, the amount of seats the current leader of the DP and the only Prime Minister our young country has had so far, was less than all other party leaders who got seats in Parliament.

Now, as a human being, I can understand the disappointment. After all, it was a long and hard campaign. However, never did I expected the leader of the DP and more importantly the Prime Minister of St. Maarten, in her congratulatory speech to the public and the parties as leader of the DP, to speak about “not wanting to offend anyone” and “true votes” when referring to the amount of votes DP received on Friday August 29.

Is the Democratic Party such a sore looser that we now are referring to votes other parties received as not being “true votes”? What are we then insinuating? Were the votes, we received in 2010 not “true votes”? Are the votes that the UPP, USP and NA received this election not “true votes”? And if that is the case, how is it that we the DP, knowing that those parties did not receive “true votes”, that we are now forming a government with two of these parties? What does that say about our integrity? Is this how Democratic Party members react to disappointing election results? If that wasn’t enough, Mike Ferrier on behalf of the DP, sent out a press release on September 3, in which he categorically denounces the decision of the current Minister of Economic Affairs to lift the moratorium on car rental permits. Now, regardless of whether or not you agree with the decision of the current Minister of TEATT, how is it possible that the DP is already meddling in other coalition members’ portfolios, while government still needs to be formed officially? At this rate this new government will fall before it governs.

Don’t we as a party have more important priorities then focusing on other coalition members’ portfolios? Shouldn’t we be analyzing the results of the election? Shouldn’t we be focusing on our two portfolios which are Health and Justice? Shouldn’t we be looking at ways to put the young politicians who received clear support from the voters, in key positions so they can start preparing to take over the leadership of the Democratic Party? Why is it that Mike Ferrier is making public statements on behalf of the party while on August 29, the DP supporters sent a clear statement to the party leader and its board, indicating that they want young energetic persons to represent DP? Why aren’t Cornie, Emil, Perry, Cookie or better yet, why isn’t the President of the DP Board Hasani Ellis speaking on behalf of the party?

When will we give young people a chance? When will we listen to the voters?

Iris Rogers

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