Opinion: Coalition government

POSTED: 09/3/14 4:20 PM

The results of Friday’s elections asked for a coalition government, and there were four possibilities, to know: UP/NA (11 seats), UP/USp or UP/DP (each 9 seats) and NA/DP/USp (8 seats).

The election campaign clearly showed NA/DP/USp campaigning against the UP. So if UP wanted to continue governing it needed a clear mandate from the electorate. UP won, but failed to accomplish a majority on its own.

So nobody needs to be surprised that NA/DP/USP found each other in forming a new government. As a friend of mine said, ‘lucky 7’ in Sint Maarten politics means opposition.

Let’s hope that this is the only comparison with the 2010 elections and that we’ll have a stable government 2014-2018 working in the interest of country Sint Maarten.

I wish Prime Minister William Marlin and his team of Ministers a lot of wisdom, endurance and luck governing the country for the next four years.

Edwin Gumbs



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