Editorial: The nature of things

POSTED: 09/3/14 4:22 PM

The departure of Sarah Wescot-Williams as the country’s prime minister is imminent. The DP-leader who stood so long at the head of the country’s government will get another – yet unknown – role in the new government, or maybe in parliament as its new president.

No matter what, Wescot-Williams’ political career took a nosedive in Friday’s elections and it seems only a matter of time before the party will have to go in search of a new leader.

Wescot-Williams is not the only one who fell out of grace. The same fate hit National Alliance leader William Marlin. As the biggest faction in the coalition, he has nevertheless two options: Prime Minister or a return to his old stomping ground, the Vromi-Ministry.

There is then, after all, some change in the air. Voters are tired of the old guard and they want fresh blood in the country’s decision-making bodies. There is no shame in such a development. It is, in a way, the nature of things.

Editor’s note:

Due to a huge internet blackout on Monday, today was unable to publish a newspaper yesterday. Our apologies to our clients and readers.


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