Reader’s Opinion: Gridlock government

POSTED: 09/1/14 9:46 PM

Dear Editor,

Let me congratulate all the new parliamentarians. This is your chance to make a clear contrast about yourself than those parliamentarians who were before you. The people of St. Martin are the big losers. Let me explain why, second time again the biggest party is out of government. This means our electoral system needs to be reformed to have a majority.

In politics, gridlock political stalemate refers to a situation when there is difficulty of passing laws in a legislature because the votes for and against a proposed law are evenly divided. Because the political parties do not have an ideology there is no common ground on the approach how to get laws past.

Furthermore, our government is more unstable than ever. Let’s say that William Marlin wants to build his tunnel, but Frans Richardson does not want the tunnel. Then what? Coalition government is always weak because all parties want credit if something goes well and when things go wrong no party wants the blame. If parties have an ideology then those situations will not be a problem because your ideology is what brings harmony in a party.

In time the politicians and the voters will understand why ideology matters. The biggest problem is immigration, how will they reform it. We need a penalty and punishment system, not the present system that does not deport and that rewards the breaking of immigration laws.

Most if not all parliamentarians are people of St. Martin heritage, when will they protect their heritage and bloodline. Being in power and not passing legislation to preserve your self is a waste of power. Another big matter, will the new gridlock government reform the tax system to leave people with more money in their pockets and tax those more that are taking their money outside St. Martin? Will the St. Martin entrepreneurs get a tax relief for all new first time businesses? How will our healthcare system improve to provide not only affordable healthcare but a credible healthcare? These are some of the important issues that the new parliament has to deal with. The coalition parties that have established a gridlock government will not benefit the voters. People of St. Martin, welcome to gridlock government.

The Patriot Miguel Arrindell


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