Editorial: Governing program

POSTED: 09/1/14 9:42 PM

A hangover for the party that won most of the votes and a tough job ahead for the three parties that intend to form the new government. That sums up the political developments that unfolded on Friday and that continued into the wee morning hours on Saturday.

It is the way it is – and there is no use wasting energy on lamenting about what should have been. After all, in 2010 the National Alliance won the elections and lost the formation. This time the United People’s party is at the receiving end of a similar scenario.

The new coalition partners will have to come up with a clear governing program for the next four years. Such a document ought to be there before the government is sworn in, before the ministers go to work.

The practice of the past couple of years whereby governing programs remained elusive far too long is an insult to the electorate.

Putting all cards on the table post haste and showing this new direction the country is heading, is one way to win the respect of all those voters who gave the new crop of politicians their confidence.

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