Two more handguns confiscated

POSTED: 08/25/14 11:20 PM

St. Maarten – Police confiscated two more illegal handguns yesterday as they continue to execute their plan of action to remove all illegal weapons from the streets and to prosecute those responsible. During a search of two suspect vehicles the pistols were found and confiscated. One pistol was found in a hidden compartment in the ceiling of a grey Mitsubishi Outlander with license-plate M-2535.

One of the police K-9 dogs used in the search indicated that there was an illegal object in that part of the vehicle. The investigating officers then did a manual search of the ceiling in the vehicle and located the firearm. A man with initials T.M. (36) from Sint Maarten was arrested and remains in custody for further investigation.

A second firearm was found during a search of car in the Fort Willem area when the police stopped and searched a suspicious vehicle which a man with initials K.D. (25) from Jamaica was driving. During the search a pistol was found under the drivers’ seat. This gun was immediately confiscated and the suspect in this case arrested for illegal weapon possession. The suspect remains in custody for further investigation.

The execution of this plan of action has proven to be successful, police said. A total of 10 illegal firearms have been removed from the streets this week so far and those who were in possession of these weapons will be charged. The controls will continue, police said.


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