Opinion: Principles

POSTED: 08/25/14 11:11 PM

Is there anybody out there still able to follow the political points of view about the purchase of the Vorst Estate? We certainly have trouble making sense of the reaction from Vromi-Minister Lake after the court sentenced the government to come up with $3 million within four days after the verdict has been served. The minister seemed actually happy with the ruling – and maybe he is gloating now that the Council of Ministers has been blindsided.

On the other end of the political spectrum, parties are making clear that the minister ought to be held personally liable for what they consider a bad and needlessly expensive deal.

Whether that will ever happen will depend in part on what the electorate is going to do this Friday. Voting the UP into power will certainly offer protection against liability. Just in case the UP does not win an outright majority, the coalition partner – whoever that is – will have to swallow its principles for the next four years or make a run for the opposition benches.

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