Opinion: Puff or pass? (Legalization of marijuana)

POSTED: 08/22/14 12:12 AM

Any parliamentarian worth his or her salt will fight the legalization of marijuana tooth and nail.

One of the responsibilities of a parliamentarian is to help uphold the constitution.

(Case in point: Chapter 2,  Article 18 – 1. It shall be the constant concern of the government to focus on the protection of children and young people and to promote their right to education, welfare, cultural development, and leisure activities.)”

While the study of the medicinal value of cannabis is proving to be helpful for certain sicknesses, its use, without extracting the malignant mind-altering and addictive components of it, has detrimental effects on the human brain. The concerned and/or interested persons need just google “Effects of cannabis on the human brain and body” and a whole plethora of scientific studies and findings will be at their fingertips.

For the life of me, and with all the lucidity I possess as a non-marijuana smoker, I fail to see the alleged superior, worldly advancement of a bunch of teenagers smoking pot on the block. What I see is close relatives, other young men in the hood and hundreds of young people across St. Maarten boldly lighting up a joint (even in the schoolyard!) puffing the putrid, sickening smoke into the faces of innocent passersby and languishing their youth and vitality away. I see them getting involved in crime to support their habit. In addition, I see their future and that of St. Maarten going up in smoke, no pun intended, but fitting unfortunately! Lastly, I clearly see vulnerable family members, especially defenseless infants and children being harmfully affected by the secondhand smoke. By no stretch of the imagination am I seeing progress. Au contraire.

What I DO see is a lucrative business for a few unscrupulous “entrepreneurs” who coûte que coûte want to enrich themselves at the cost of the most valuable commodity of St. Maarten, its people in general and its youth in particular.

So, yes, as parliamentarian, Joyce Veronica Varlack will vote a resounding “No!” for any proposal to legalize marijuana, so help me God. I am sure pretty much every parliamentarian who loves St. Maarten and its people will vote the same way.

I will tackle the other hot button issues in society that politicians are accused of shying away from lest they lose precious votes, in subsequent posts. Not living in a box, not this aspiring parliamentarian.

Joyce Varlack

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